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A empresa

A Octaplan

Stands, displays, stores, showrooms, exclusive and special projects. A modern and efficient work, with over 30 years of experience and team commitment.

Working with cutting edge technology and an agile and high qualified structure, OCTAPLAN offers its clientes the most updated concept of promotional architecture, from design to execution.

Counting on a 10.000 square meters work space at OCTAPLAN headquarters and a 1.200 square meters work space at it São Paulo branch, OCTAPLAN is specialized on creative and exclusive solutions for stands, stores, showrooms and displays, always working with quality and punctuality.

OCTAPLAN is associated to OSPI (Octanorm Service Partner International,), an institution that gathers 151 stand builders in 55 countries, with the concept “Designed here – Built there”.

In addition, OCTAPLAN is the only Brazilian company member of EDPA (Exhibit Designers and Producres Association), a North American association that brings together the world’s largest events suppliers.

A Equipe

With a team of nearly 100 trained professionals with exclusive dedication, divided in workshops: carpentry, blacksmithing, painting, electrical, aluminum and graphics/logotype, as well as design and engineering departments, OCTAPLAN has a complete and capable structure to provide its own services. All these attributes assure OCTAPLAN commitment with dead-lines and high quality services.

Trainned professionals for the following services:

  • Project Design
  • Visual Programming
  • Production
  • Engineering
  • Carpentry
  • Blacksmithing
  • Paintin
  • Artwork


Stand Básico
Como parceira dos principais promotores de eventos nos mais diversos setores, o stand básico possui sistema totalmente modular(octanorm), com estrutura e acabamento em alumínio.
Stand Misto
Para quem busca principalmente custo benefício, disponibilizamos o stand misto, que é a junção do stand básico e do stand construído.
Stand Construido
Para cliente que procuram destaque e expressividade, os stands em marcearia são a melhor solução. Estes stands surpreendem e são o foco de comentários durante e depois do evento.

designed by NAVALDO NGC

designed by OCTAPLAN

designed by OCTAPLAN

designed by OCTAPLAN

designed by OCTAPLAN

designed by CAS

designed by OCTAPLAN

designed by LAB DESIGN


designed by OCTAPLAN

designed by OCTAPLAN

designed by OCTAPLAN

designed by SHAPIRA WAXMAN

designed by NAVALDO NGC



Fale Conosco

Rio de Janeiro
Estrada dos Bandeirantes, 10.965
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
CEP: 22783-116

+55 21 2442-2500 | FAX 2442-3260

São Paulo
Rua Severa, 212. Vila Maria
São Paulo - SP
CEP: 02111-000

+55 11 2967-0060 | FAX 2955-4982